Asia Bridge Forum


ABF is a special interest forum, of members in or otherwise committed to Asia, that meets 3x a year in Asian locations.


Members —of the region or committed to it  who would like to bridge the gap, get closer to each other, learn about each others' cultures, build friendships across borders, and explore business opportunities in Asia, in a forum format.


Connecting places, people, the EO Experience: 

Integration, Mixers, Lala, Networking, Mingling.



ABF is a forum format, building strong bonds between and made unique by the cultural diversity of members. 



09/05 - 09/07


02/12- 02/14

Hong Kong

05/27 -05/29


36 Chapters, 22 countries, 166 members.


membership appication

Basic requirements:

  • You are a current EO member and have been a member of the same EO chapter for at least 3 straight years;

  • You live in, conduct business in, or have commitments in Asia;

  • You can commit to at least 2 of the 3 ABF meetings a year;

  • You are forum trained and ideally moderator trained.

Those who have held leadership positions in EO are prioritized.

Interested members fill out an Application form with the current ABF Administrator, Board or the MyEO website. 

forum placement

Member applications are reviewed by the ABF Board. Once accepted, the Forum and Membership Chairs work together to place the member in an existing forum or by creating a new forum. Typical forum placement rules apply.

Note that because diversity is a priority, forum placement can take longer than in a regular chapter; new members might be placed on a waitlist.

Unplaced members are not required to but are welcome to attend ABF meetings (all events except forum). 


  • Minimum of 3 years in local forum - Must be FTP trained.

  • Have served as moderator in local forum - Must be MTP trained.

  • Live in Asia or have a business presence in Asia.

  • Proposed and seconded by a current ABF member of good standing.

The forum accepting the new member will be informed of the member’s fluency in the English language (or lack thereof) by the Membership Chair and Forum Chair.

All applications are subjected to ABF Code of Conduct.

time commitment

  • 3 ABF meetings a calendar year; strict attendance requirements in your forum group are to be followed to maintain your ABF membership

  • Each ABF meeting is for 3 days and 2 nights

  • No part time or sabbatical memberships are allowed

Hiroshima 2020

Let's Celebrate! 

Hiroshima, Japan

12-14 February 2020

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