Hiroshima 2020

Let's Celebrate! 

Hiroshima, Japan

12-14 February 2020


Welcome and Youkoso!


We are extremely pleased to welcome the members of ABF to Hiroshima, a city in Japan. 


Hiroshima is located in the South East of Japan, and has two World Heritage sites.  The first site is the Itsukushima Shrine which stands mysteriously in the sea of Miyajima which itself used to be worshiped as a god since ancient times. The other is the  Atomic Bomb Dome which is Hiroshima's symbol of prayers for world peace. 


ABF Hiroshima's theme would be "Peace" as this event would be held in the country that was the only one to be the victim of the atomic bomb in the world,  and as Hiroshima is a city which it was dropped. We have prepared activities to deepen your understanding of peace through a MyEO engage event to visit the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and we plan to invite a victim of the atomic bomb to share their experience at the opening dinner. It is certain to be a time of memorial and to rethink the importance of peace. 


In addition, Hiroshima is a city in which one can experience the beautiful scenery of the its sea and islands, its wonderful food and drinks, and for you to feel the spirit of Japanese "omotenashi (hospitality)".


We are making preparations to welcome the members of ABF and ensure that it would be an occasion that would stay with them forever. Please enjoy the culture,  food and "omotenashi" of Hiroshima to the fullest. We look forward to the day we can see you all. 


Eigo Nosaka – EO ABF Hiroshima Day Chair



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